Adnan, the woodcrafter

My name is Adnan, and I’m an artisan woodworker from Swaida Syria.  My family has been in Syria for generations, and we’re fortunate enough that the war did not destroy our town; however my dream to open a woodworking shop was nearly nonexistent. Like many of my generation we were stripped of our comforts and felt a calling to join the fight.

Thanks to the help of Syriana, I found my purpose after I was relieved from the fight. They invested 2000 dollars into me so that I could start my dream and open my workshop. Inspired by an old American truck my grandfather owned, I crafted a line of wooden trucks that serve as a tea set. I have also crafted wood coasters and boxes from oak and olive trees.  These hand-crafted natural products make me feel we are one; we all live on the lovely Earth and these natural products are to celebrate its beauty in our daily lives.